November 16: Cable Access / Comcast Annual Review meeting – LOCATION CHANGED

Mayor Clare Higgins’ office is circulating the following change to their 11/10/09 update:

Friends and neighbors,

Please accept my apologies. The location of the Cable Access / Comcast Annual Review meeting announced in the Mayor’s Email Update of 11/10/2009 has been changed to the City Council Chambers in the Puchalski Municpal Building. Details of the meeting appear below: Sorry to send out more email so soon on the heels of the last update, but wanted to be sure everyone had the correct information in case you wish to attend:

11/16 – Time: 7:00pm
Comcast and NCTV Annual Review

The Northampton Cable Advisory Board will hold a public hearing on Monday, Nov. 16 at 7:00pm in City Council Chambers to ask for public comment on the performance of Comcast and NCTV for the past year. This is the annual review conducted by the CAB under the cable license agreement. Comcast will also present the latest changes in their roll out of digital services. The public will be able to ask questions about digital programming and free digital transfer equipment offered by Comcast. Under the cable license agreement, the CAB can annually review the following:

Comcast Review: compliance with license terms, customer service complaint response, programming, PEG access channels, INet, system upgrades, new and relevant cable system and PEG access technology.

NCTV Review: Programming, membership, coverage of public meetings, fiscal status, and program plans for upcoming year.

A copy of the Comcast Digital Summary and the NCTV annual report can be viewed on the Cable Advisory Board website.

Event Website:
Location: City Council Chambers (wheelchair accessible)

Pulchalski Building behind City Hall