Video: Exit 19 Update from Project Advisory Committee, 11/16/09

Here is a complete video of an update on I-91’s Exit 19 that took place on November 16. This video is 1 hour 59 minutes long and was recorded by Lachlan Ziegler. As the Gazette reported on November 17:

Consultants for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation outlined the status of the project Monday night during a meeting of the city’s Project Advisory Committee, the first meeting in 18 months. It was the first of many updates the team will give the committee as designs for the interchange take shape over the next year or two…

They also will launch a project Web site,, in the next few weeks that will include background information, project updates and studies, a question-and-answer section and an email link for the public to submit questions and comments. The site is expected to go live in the next two weeks, said Marcy Miller, of Fitzgerald & Halliday, a Hartford-based transportation and environmental planning firm.

The next Project Advisory Committee meeting will be held on December 7, 7pm at JFK School at 6 PM in the City Council Chambers of the Puchalski Municipal Building, located at 212 Main St (see details).

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Northampton Media: “Highway Planners Present Dog-and-Pony Show on Exit 19; Offer No New Plans” (11/17/09)
Even though a four-ramp plan called “Option 15” had been recommended under an earlier planning process, Bua said that a reevaluation was in order. “We’re going to be looking at other solutions, including options 12, 13, 15, 16, and 17,” said Bua, “as well as at a range of Traffic Demand Management options.”

The 2004 Connecticut River Crossing Transportation Study shows option 12 to be a roundabout, option 13 to be a simple realignment of existing ramps, option 15 to be the now-familiar four-ramp plan, and 16 and 17 to involve high flyover ramps…

When asked by an audience member about the possibility of a “no build” option, Bua said that that would not be out of the question if the data supported the option.

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