Video: Ward 3 Community Meeting about Unresolved Fires, 11/24/09

Here is a complete video of the 11/24/09 Ward 3 community meeting regarding unresolved fires in the area of Hawley and Market Streets. The meeting was moderated by Ward 3 City Councilor Bob Reckman and included Police Chief Russell Sienkiewicz and Fire Chief Brian Duggan. This video is 53 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen.

This handout was distributed to attendees:

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Northampton Media: “Ward Three Fires: No Pattern” (11/25/09)
The car fires may be more suspicious than the house fires, said Sienkewicz. “We’re generally seeing crimes of opportunity here,” he said. “Don’t leave your car unlocked or leave your windows rolled down.” The culprit in a truck fire at Pomeroy Terrace apartment was apprehended, and a suspect in two other fires “no longer lives in Northampton” and was out of the area when more recent vehicle fires occurred. Three car fires from 2007 remain under investigation, and appear to have been deliberately set, said Sienkewicz. Four others have taken place since then.

Gazette: “Ward 3 neighbors in Northampton seek handle on suspect fires” (11/25/09)
Ward 3 City Councilor-elect Angela Plassmann said she’d like to organize the neighborhood watch and encourage people to sign up after the meeting.

Gazette: “In Our Opinion: New fire, new unease” (11/14/09)
As they look for breakthroughs today, Northampton police would do well to repeat steps they took in 2007: canvassing the neighborhoods to urge people to keep their cars locked, their porch lights on and their trash secured. It makes sense, also, to post new fliers with a telephone tip line about neighborhood fires.

Northamptonist: Arson Confirmed In Recent Rash Of Fires On Hawley St. (12/8/07)