Tonight’s Ward 3 Fire Meeting Location Changed to College Church

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association announces a new location for tonight’s open meeting about the fires.
To: Members of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association
Re: Change of Location for Tonight’s Meeting About Fires
From: Jerry Budgar, President

Because of the indications we will be having a large turnout for tonight’s meeting about the fire situation, we are moving the meeting to the College Church on Pomeroy Terrace at 7 p.m. We are very appreciative that the College Church has offered their facilities, which can hold approximately 500 people. We also appreciate the World War II Club’s earlier offer to host, but we’re concerned their capacity of 200 will not be sufficient for the numbers wishing to attend tonight.

We are asking people to park in the area behind the church building, which can hold several hundred cars.

At tonight’s meeting, we will hear from Mayor Clare Higgins and Deputy Fire Chief Chris Norris and Police Capt. Joseph Koncas in addition to the agenda items sent out earlier.

The offers of help, support, and assistance continue to pour in, everything from additional funds for the reward to an offer of a car for someone who lost a vehicle in the recent series of fires. This spirit of giving, of mutual aid and support, is what defines Ward 3. We’ve come through a lot of tough times together and we’re going to do so again.

Jerry Budgar,