Free Fire Detector Distribution

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association circulated this announcement yesterday:

To: Members of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association
Re: Free Fire Detector Distribution
From: Jerry Budgar, President

Following last night’s meeting, I received a call this morning from Dave Fenton, the Crime Prevention Officer in the office of Hampshire Sheriff Robert Garvey. The department, in conjunction with the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, has purchased 300 fire detectors that they will give to residents who need them.

I am sending around this message asking our members if you know people in our ward who need a fire detector. If you will send me their names and street addresses, I will send the information on to Dave Fenton, who will forward it to the Northampton Fire Department.

I can be reached at:

A special thank-you to everyone who attended our meeting last night on the fires issue. I hope everyone took away something of value.

Jerry Budgar

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