January 6: Ward 3 Neighborhood Watch 1st Meeting

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association announces today:

Ward 3 Neighborhood Watch 1st Meeting

The first meeting of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Watch will be at 7 PM Wednesday, January 6th at the World War II Veterans Club at 50 Conz St. The meeting is open to all and there will be some time for public comment.

A representative from the Hampshire Sheriff’s Office will be present to talk about crime prevention and safety measures that each individual household can take. It will also include ways to make your home less susceptible to a break-in.

We will be looking for volunteers to be Block Captains. A Block Captain will be the point person for their neighbors and be responsible for distributing information to them, getting their contact information, and understanding their situation and concerns. We hope to establish an initial list of Block Captains and build a rudimentary infrastructure to distribute information, news and materials.

We will also discuss the potential for increased surveillance and lighting. This will include technology like motion lights and possibly personal cameras.

Arnold Levinson is the point person for this effort and can be contacted at 413-320-6982.

Here is a related handout distributed at the December 29 community meeting on the fires (download full-size PDF):

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