Mayor: Conz Street Slated for Reconstruction This Year, North Street for Next Year

The website of Ward 3 City Councilor Angela Plassmann publishes an April 12 letter from Mayor Clare Higgins about plans to reconstruct Conz Street and North Street. Councilor Plassmann had conveyed her constituents’ concerns about the condition of North Street to the Mayor.

The DPW will be using almost all of this year’s Chapter 90 allocation to do major reconstruction of the roadway and sidewalks on Conz Street. Pedestrian safety is a paramount concern on Conz Street because of Salvo House and the Senior Center. We expect that to be a fall project.

Laura Hanson will be meeting with North Street residents to begin the process for the reconstruction of North Street in Fiscal Year 2011 (July 2010 – June 2011). North Street is expected to cost over $600,000; the project will use the lion’s share of our 2011 Chapter 90 allocation.

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Potholes on North Street, March 2010:

Potholes on North Street, Northampton, MA