May 14: The Dam Art Show – Arts Night Out Reception

An announcement from The Friends of the Upper Roberts Meadow Reservoir and The Trailside Gallery:

The Dam Art Show!
Please join us for the Arts Night Out Reception on May 14th, 5-8pm at
The Trailside Gallery, 14 Strong Avenue, Northampton

Visual artists, photographers and concerned citizens are teaming up for The Dam Art Show, May 11th to June 4th.

The Dam Art Show will provide the community with a chance to see The Upper Roberts Meadow Dam as artists and visitors do, and the chance to learn a bit more about the issues of preservation vs. losing important sites in Northampton.

“The dam and reservoir are located on the western edge of Northampton in one of the region’s last ‘untouched’ areas,” says artist and board member of The Friends of the Upper Roberts Meadow Reservoir, Dee Boyle-Clapp.

“This exhibition is a chance for everyone to experience the dam’s beauty, history, hydro-power potential, and the important role it plays in the region’s ecosystem by viewing work and playing ‘art games’.”

This show is also a chance to view the area as artists do and to learn more about how protecting this site can not only preserve an important part of Northampton’s past, but also become a first local step towards building a green energy future. The Opening Reception is an opportunity to speak to The Friends on why preservation is important and to ask questions.

The public is invited to bring string, thin rope or yarn of any color to incorporate into one piece of art to show solidarity for saving the dam, protecting the reservoir and tapping the Roberts Meadow Brook for green power.

The Trailside Gallery is located in our Pedal To Properties real estate office in the heart of downtown Northampton. Our intention is to support the local art community and to highlight the work of local artists. Stop by and see our gallery shows any time, or join us for one of our gallery openings.

On the second Friday of every month, we will be holding monthly art openings as a part of Arts Night Out in Northampton. Each cycle will feature a different artist or group of artists.

We hope you can join us!
Jessica Lapinski

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Video: Conservation Commission Meeting of 9/10/09; Kohl Condos Approved; Upper Roberts Meadow Reservoir  
Following the discussion of the Kohl proposal, the commission heard a “request by John Clapp for a support letter for a Community Preservation Act application for funds to restore the Upper Roberts Meadow Dam in Leeds” (1:29:15-2:07:11 on the video). Here is a picture of the proponents’ presentation board:

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The Department of Public Works is considering the dam’s removal (see PDF of 2009 proposal). Some neighbors and citizens would prefer to preserve it and the character of its immediate surroundings.