August 7: Ward 3 Neighborhood Association to Sponsor Ward 3 Vegetable Garden Tour

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CONTACT: Jerry Budgar
(413) 584-2964


Local residents will have an opportunity to celebrate the agricultural and food-growing heritage of Northampton and talk with farmers and gardeners about growing local food as the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association sponsors its Ward 3 Vegetable Garden Tour on Saturday, August 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The self-guided tour will showcase seven diverse gardens and small farms in Ward 3. Some gardens are located in the meadows and floodplain and others represent urban gardening where small spaces can be transformed into substantial food-growing operations.

The selection of gardens in the tour ranges from one featuring heirloom tomatoes and seed collection to others focusing on fruit and berry production, utilizing raised beds built from recycled materials, and growing with mulch or plastic to retain warmth and moisture and reduce weed growth. Many of the gardens employ sustainable and organic techniques that are rapidly growing in popularity.

“We think this event will give people an opportunity to see Ward 3 in a way they might not have known it before,” notes Jerry Budgar, president of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association and one of the individuals whose gardens are featured on the tour. “While many think of us as an urban ward in the city’s core, we love the fact we have this magnificent agricultural land and soil located so close to the city center. The juxtaposition makes Ward 3 a very unique and wonderful place to live. Our area of the city is undergoing a revival and expansion of agriculture and food production, and we want to showcase some of these efforts with this event.”

Those participating on the tour will be able to talk with gardeners and farmers about the food varieties they grow, get tips on methods to encourage healthy plant growth, and discuss ways to fend off such negatives as animal pests, insects, and airborne viruses and bacteria.

Tickets for the Ward 3 Vegetable Garden Tour, with a map and garden descriptions, are available at the A2Z Science Store on King Street, Deals and Steals on Pearl Street, and Serio’s Market on State Street. Tickets will also be available at upcoming Saturday and Tuesday Farmers Markets in Northampton. Tickets are $8 if purchased in advance and $10 if purchased on the day of the tour.

Further information about the Ward 3 Vegetable Garden Tour can be obtained from Tour Chair Joanne Mackiewicz at (413) 374-0550, Lola Reid at (413) 584-9463 or at the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association website at

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