Video: Social Services and Veterans Affairs Committee Disfavors “Bring The War Dollars Home”

Here is a complete video of the 7/19/10 meeting of Northampton’s Social Services and Veterans Affairs Committee. Two of the three city councilors on the committee, Gene Tacy (Ward 7) and Angela Plassmann (Ward 3), voted to send the “Bring The War Dollars Home” resolution to the full council with an unfavorable opinion. The third councilor on the committee, Marianne LaBarge (Ward 6), indicated that she had a neutral opinion on the resolution. This video is 1 hour 10 minutes long and was recorded by Lachlan Ziegler.

Here is a 10-minute YouTube highlight from the meeting where the councilors weigh in on the resolution:

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The city of Northampton will sponsor public discussion about the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan to our community for education, transportation, security and basic citizen needs; and calls on Representative Richard Neal and Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown to:

take strong and forceful action to…. terminate funding of these military operations, and… prohibit any increase in the number of troops in Afghanistan.

Gazette: “Northampton confronts thorny question of spending on wars” (6/23/10)
More than 150 area residents crowded into the Community Room at JFK Middle School for the public forum called by the council to gather comments before the resolution is discussed by two subcommittees and the Human Rights Commission and their individual recommendations are sent back to the City Council.