Videos: Zoning for King Street, 9/29/10; Sussman, Horton, Budgar

Here is a complete video of Zoning for King Street, a public forum hosted at the Jackson Street School on 9/29/10 by Northampton’s Zoning Revisions Committee. This video is 1 hour 59 minutes long (there is a short gap of a few seconds towards the end due to camera changeover). This was the second of two forums this month. The first one was on 9/21 (see videos).

The first hour is a presentation of proposed zoning changes (PDF, 2MB), including those suggested by the Chamber of Commerce (PDF, 1.3MB). The second hour is devoted to questions and comments from the public. This video was recorded by Adam Cohen.

The public is invited to continue the conversation at the ZRC’s next meeting, October 6, 7-9pm in Room 10 at City Hall, 210 Main Street, 2nd Floor.

Here are selected YouTube highlights featuring comments from ZRC member Dillon Sussman (ZRC comments on Chamber’s proposals; how different design requirements can change the look and feel of the street), Chamber of Commerce member Rich Horton (visions for King Street should be tempered by market realities), and Ward 3 Neighborhood Association president Jerry Budgar (while planning development for downtown, Northampton’s aging and overtaxed infrastructure needs priority attention).

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