Three County Fairgrounds: Revised Stormwater Permit Application and Drainage Report

From the website of Ward 3 City Councilor Angela Plassmann:

“Here is a revised Stormwater Permit Application and Stormwater Drainage Report submitted by Three County Fairgrounds to the Department of Public Works. A hearing before the Planning Board is expected on October 28 at 7:00pm in City Council Chambers. The public is encouraged to attend. See a 54-minute video of an update on plans at Three County Fairgrounds given on 10/13/10.”

See also:

Gazette: “Fairgrounds work raises a few concerns” (10/14/10)
The neighborhood’s 19th-century storm water drainage system was of particular concern, Plassmann said, as it is already under considerable stress due to development in the area and runoff from Interstate 91, she said. Some worried that the fairgrounds increased capacity would only exacerbate the problem, she said.

“I don’t want to see drainage spilling into someone’s property,” she said. “I want to make sure it is handled properly. Hopefully with the revitalization project, upgrades that need to be made will be made.”

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