Video: Grow Food Northampton’s Vision of a Community Farm

Here is a complete video of a 10/21/10 presentation by Lilly Lombard, President of Grow Food Northampton, at Leeds Grammar School. The event was co-sponsored by the Leeds Civic Association and the Baystate Village Association. This video is 51 minutes long and was recorded by Lachlan Ziegler.

From the event description:

Come on out to learn about Grow Food Northampton’s effort to buy the Bean and Allard farmland in Florence to create a community farm.

Lilly will present a slide show and answer questions about what the Northampton Community Farm will look like, how it could benefit our community, and how citizens can help make it a reality.

Here are the slides from the presentation. As of October 26, GFN has raised $289,600.

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Ward 3 Open Space Survey Results (10/11/10)
Here are the top five responses to Question 7 (among the 94 respondents who answered the question correctly):

If you could tell the City three things that we needed in Ward 3 that would make it better from an open space and recreation point of view, which of the following would you choose to say?

  1. We need to conserve as much farm land and agricultural soil as we can…

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