November 13: King Street Zoning Workshop

Northampton’s Office of Planning and Development announces:

King Street Zoning Workshop

City of Northampton Planning Board, Zoning Revisions Committee & Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce Nov 13, 2010 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM Media Education Foundation, Masonic St, Northampton

8:30 Introductions
Agreement on Ground Rules/ Process & Outcomes

8:40 Confirm points of agreement in proposed zoning
a. Different character zones (CB/EB/HB)
b. Break line/boundary for zones
c. Guiding Principles for each zone (cross-cutting principals for corridor)
  i. Accommodate all modes of access
  ii. Simplify regulations
  iii. Only regulate what is necessary
  iv. Improve visual/aesthetic context for corridor //Others?
d. Concepts within zones (CB/EB/HB)
  i. Setback/Build-to
  ii. Height Min. & Max
  iii. Location of parking/amount
  iv. Uses / Size Cap
  v. Design guidelines
  vi. Landscaping
  vii. Access Control
  viii. Buffer Depth/Details
e. Streetscape Improvements within Right-of-Way

9:10 Define Areas for More Focus

9:20 BREAK FOR PUBLIC COMMENT on Issues for further review – 1 Min each

9:35 Focused Discussion
a. Review research relative to questions presented
  i. Design criteria options/agreement in principal
  ii. Multi-use trail options/design/concerns
b. Brainstorm and assess alternatives
c. Detail proposals, buffers, heights, bike path etc.


11:45 Summarize Conceptual Agreement & Issues still needing resolution

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