Videos: Meadow City Conservation Coalition Founded; Farmers Wary

Here is a complete video of the 11/29/10 meeting establishing the Meadow City Conservation Coalition. The primary goal of the new organization is to preserve the natural character of the floodplain of the Connecticut River and nearby areas in Northampton. Former Ward 3 City Councilor Maria Tymoczko chaired the meeting. This video is 1 hour 35 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen.

Some meeting attendees, including current Ward 3 City Councilor Angela Plassmann, reported that farmers in the meadows are wary of the new organization. There appears to be concern that the current agricultural uses of the meadows might come to be impacted in a negative way. There is also distrust stemming from the adoption of the Meadows Land Use Plan in 2005. Here is a 12-minute YouTube excerpt from last night’s meeting where some of these concerns are discussed:

No vote was taken at the meeting on the new organization’s Articles of Organization or Bylaws. We’ll announce future meetings as information comes to us, or contact Fred Zimnoch at

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