Video and Pictures: Replacement of the Bradford Street Sewer Pump Station

Here is a complete video of the 12/1/10 public meeting on the upcoming replacement of the Bradford Street Sewer Pump Station. This video is 48 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen. The pump station is being upgraded to handle anticipated increased flows from the nearby Coca-Cola plant.

In the video, Ned Huntley, director of Northampton’s Department of Public Works, explains that a portion of Mill Yard Road is likely to be closed from late January 2011 into November 2011. This means that vehicles will not be able to pass between Woodmont Road and Bradford Street. The work is not expected to overlap with the planned reconstruction of North Street, which will probably take place after Mill Yard Road is reopened.

Comments on this project should be directed to Mr. Huntley at the Department of Public Works, Mr. Huntley is especially interested to learn which pump station exterior (see below) is preferred by members of the public.

Footprint of the existing pump station:

Footprint of the proposed pump station:

Design alternatives for the new pump station (photo at lower right is the site as it exists now):