Bob Reckman States Position on Rear Setback Requirements

In a December 5 message to Paradise City Forum, Zoning Revisions Committee member Bob Reckman stated his position on rear setback requirements on King Street. These setbacks are part of the regulations that buffer commercial properties from residential.

Although I appreciate the public service that Mr. Adam Cohen offers our citizens by providing video records of many public meetings, my comments that he highlighted on Sunday were taken out of context. I was expressing my opinion that there should be no maximum front setback requirement in Highway Business (if the changes are approved Highway Business would be the part of King St. beyond the bike path). Earlier in the meeting I had expressed my concern about adequate setbacks to protect residential properties that abut commercial properties on other parts of King St., specifically the Ann Seaton Church and Edwards Square. I am strongly supportive of reasonable rear setback requirements in Highway Business as well. Wise setbacks are a critical feature of successful zoning regulations that allow us all to live together successfully.

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Bob Reckman, member of the Zoning Revisions Committee: “…and if we can get the streetscape right, then we can trust developers to do whatever they need to do in the back in a way that will give them freedom to make great spaces. I mean I think we really have to say, ‘We care about the streetscape’, and I don’t care if they want to build all the way to the back, that’s OK with me. You know, I don’t think they should, but I don’t want to prohibit it one way or the other.”