Photo Essay: “A Frosty Morning” by Tom McCurry

North Street neighbor Tom McCurry has kindly shared these photos taken earlier this month. He writes, “When I went outside with my dogs this morning, I immediately noticed the hoary frost which covered everything, including our back steps. After eating breakfast, I donned my long underwear, grabbed my camera and went to the Norwottuck Rail Trail. Here are a few photos which I consider worth sharing.”

Hoary frost on trees

 Connecticut River

 Bridge over icy waters


 Hoary frost on bridge

 Elwell Island (notice the two eagles resting in a tree)

 Contrails and Shadows (the eagles are barely visible in this photo)

 Hoary frost on chain link fence

 Hoary frost on Rail Trail Bridge

 Water, Snow, Frost, Mist, and Contrails

 Coolidge Bridge (the mist rising from the water gives this image a rather ethereal quality)

 Patterns in ice (ice, snow, and wind have created fascinating patterns here)

 Coolidge Bridge

 Hoary frost on trees

 Bald eagles

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