February 15 and 16 Forums: Rezoning Northampton for a Sustainable Future

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Video: Zoning Revisions Committee, January 19, 2011; Examples of Design Guidelines
The committee discussed how to encourage home-based businesses and how aggressively to push for zoning changes in light of potential political resistance.

Video: Zoning Revisions Committee Discusses Densifying Infill Areas (12/15/10)
Unlike the situation on King Street, we believe that most residents of Northampton’s historic neighborhoods are basically satisfied with them as they are. As Jane Jacobs would say, we should cherish the communities we have. Tinkering should be done only slowly and with great caution. Over the past century, many visionary planning schemes have damaged or destroyed quality neighborhoods around the world. See, for example, “The Tragedy of the West End Urban Renewal in Boston” (PDF). 

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