Video: Lisa Fusco Announces Run for Ward 3 City Council Seat

Here is a YouTube video showing Lisa Fusco announcing her run for the Ward 3 City Council seat. She is introduced by former Ward 3 City Councilor Marilyn Richards, and followed by brief remarks from her campaign manager, Owen Freeman-Daniels. This event took place at the Northampton Airport on April 8. It follows by a few hours the resignation of sitting Ward 3 Councilor Angela Plassmann, who says she is being harassed by a city department head.

This video is 17 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen. It is provided for informational purposes only. NSNA does not endorse candidates for political office.

Fusco’s campaign distributed these flyers:

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Gazette: “Claiming harassment, Angela Plassmann resigns from City Council” (4/9/11)
Finding a replacement for Plassmann will require a special election, according to City Clerk Wendy Mazza, who said the city’s charter calls for such an election if elected officials resign with more than six months remaining on their terms. Plassmann’s term expires at the end of the year…

[Building Commissioner Louis] Hasbrouck said he is investigating [Planning Director Wayne] Feiden’s complaint against Plassmann and her husband, Jon, regarding possible violations for “some type of trailer and a small structure attached to the trailer” on their property at 180 Fair St. Extension…

Feiden would not say who brought the issue to his attention, citing a Conservation Commission policy to keep complaints confidential, but he did say it came from “multiple sources”.

…Fusco has been a member of the Conservation Commission since 2007 and has served on the board of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association for the last five years. She worked as an environmental police officer for 20 years and served as the president of the Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers Association and handled contract negotiations, labor relations, grievances and safety issues.