At-Large City Councilors Will Step In Until Ward 3 Seat Is Filled

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association advises:

To: Members of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association
From: Jerry Budgar, President and Owen Freeman-Daniels, Vice President
Re: City Council Representation For Ward 3
Date: April 9, 2011

Councilor Angela Plassmann’s recent resignation leaves Ward 3 with no formal City Council representation until a special election to fill the seat can be held. The best estimates on timing for that election put it in the June or July timeframe.

Owen and I have discussed the situation and decided we would ask the two at-large councilors, who are elected by the entire city, if they would be willing to take calls from Ward 3 residents and handle their constituent service matters. Both City Council President David Narkewicz and At-Large Councilor Jesse Adams were very anxious to help and welcome hearing from any resident of Ward 3 with a concern, problem, or issue that needs attention from city government. You can contact them as follows:

Council President David Narkewicz
Phone: 586-7230

At-Large Councilor Jesse Adams
Phone: 586-7500
Email: Jesse.Michael

As you can see, with the help of these two councilors, Ward 3 residents will be able to connect with their city government and resolve problems that need the attention of a city councilor until a Ward 3 successor is elected later this year.

Jerry Budgar
Owen Freeman-Daniels

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