Zoning Revisions Committee Releases Final Report

Here is the final report of Northampton’s Zoning Revisions Committee. The ZRC was charged with recommending changes to the city’s zoning code to better conform it to the Sustainable Northampton Plan. This report will now be considered by the Planning Board.
Zoning Revisions Committee Final Report – July 7, 2011

Here is a complete YouTube video of the final meeting of the ZRC, which took place on 4/20/11. At the meeting, committee members refined the language of the final report. This video is 2 hours 24 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen and Arnie Levinson.

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Clarifying Our Position on Smart Growth (6/1/11)
We’re concerned about:

  • A level of density that will trigger traffic jams and parking shortages
  • Developments proposed for unsuitable areas, such as swampy ground close to wetlands
  • Developments that rely on dicey, high-maintenance schemes to manage stormwater
  • Developments that will result in a significant loss of mature trees
  • Developments that will harm abutters, such as those that are too close to lot lines or those that intrude awkwardly on semi-private spaces like backyards
  • Developments that clash with the architectural styles around them
  • Developments that violate principles of secure design

We want planners to proceed with caution, remembering that the future is hard to predict, and many planning fads of the past, such as urban renewal, are heavily criticized today. We are not opposed to all change. We do propose ways to manage change so it will more popular and successful.

Making Smart Growth Better: Critiques, Guidelines, Cautions