Video: Planning for Zero Waste in the Pioneer Valley

Here is a complete YouTube video of “Planning for Zero Waste in the Pioneer Valley”, a presentation by Lynne Pledger at the JFK Middle School on 6/30/11. This recording is 1 hour 29 minutes long and was made by Mimi Odgers of Water Not Waste.

Planning for Zero Waste in the Pioneer Valley

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MassDEP: “Draft 2010-2020 Solid Waste Master Plan: A Pathway to Zero Waste” (7/1/10)
Since 1990, when MassDEP issued the first Solid Waste Master Plan, the Commonwealth has made great progress, recycling 44% of the waste we produced in 2008. This is one of the best recycling rates in the nation, but its growth has leveled off and we continue to dispose of materials that have significant value and environmental impact…

Northampton recycling rate: 40%

Video: City Council Meeting of 8/19/10; Upper Roberts Meadow Dam; Extended Producer Responsibility
Here is a complete video of the 8/19/10 meeting of Northampton’s City Council. Download the agenda (PDF). This meeting includes a discussion of preserving Upper Roberts Meadow Dam (see the public comment period at the beginning of the meeting and then the councilors’ debate during 0:38:50-2:01:22 on the video) and promoting a waste-reduction initiative, Extended Producer Responsibility. The EPR presentation takes place during 2:01:30-2:30:10.

Video and Slides: Public Forum on Innovative Approaches to Manage Northampton’s Solid Waste, 11/19/08
City Engineer Jim Laurila gave a presentation on Northampton’s current solid waste management program (PDF, 54KB). He was followed by Gary Liss of Gary Liss & Associates (“Zero Waste to Cool the Planet”, PDF, 975KB) and Alan Cohen of HDR (“Innovative Approaches to Managing Northampton’s Solid Waste”, PDF, 5.9MB). The presentations were followed by comments from the public and from members of the Board of Public Works.