Video and Literature from Ward 3 Candidate Debate

Here is a YouTube video of the complete Ward 3 Candidate Forum held last night at Bridge Street School. The forum was sponsored by the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association. This video is 1 hour 4 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen.

The special election for city councilor will take place on August 2. Voters should go to the Senior Center. Absentee ballots may be obtained from the City Clerk’s office.

Here is literature distributed by the campaigns at the event:

Owen Freeman-Daniels Campaign Brochure – July 2011 #2

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Gazette: “Ward 3 hopefuls square off in Northampton debate” (7/20/11)
It didn’t take long for the gloves to come off Tuesday. In his opening statement, Levinson called Freeman-Daniels’ position that he would sit on the board of the Three-County Fairgrounds Redevelopment Corp. a conflict of interest.

Levinson also said his opponent had not taken the time to meet with farmers in the Meadows to hear their concerns surrounding intrusion on private property by the public.

Later in the debate, Freeman-Daniels called Levinson’s assertion inaccurate. He said he would like the Meadows section to be more open and accessible, while Levinson called for respect for private property.

MassLive: “Northampton Ward 3 City Council candidates Owen Freeman-Daniels, Arnold Levinson square off” (7/19/11)