Video & Presentation: Charter Drafting Committee Public Forum

Here is a YouTube video of the complete 11/15/11 public forum held by Northampton’s Special Act Charter Drafting Committee. This video is 2 hours 50 minutes long and was recorded by Emily Odgers. See the committee’s web page for meeting dates, agendas, minutes and related materials. There will be another public forum on December 6, 6-9pm in City Council Chambers.

Here is the Charter Drafting Committee’s presentation.
Northampton City Charter Forum 2011-11-15

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Gazette: “Northampton begins reviewing proposed changes to charter” (11/16/11)
Several current and former city councilors said they favor removing the mayor as chair of the City Council and School Committee. They were joined by a chorus of others Tuesday during a three-hour forum on proposed changes to the city’s charter.

The first public session of the Special Act Charter Drafting Committee examined five questions under review by the panel, which was appointed by the City Council in September and is expected to recommend charter changes in January…

…There was no consensus on changing the structure of term limits for the mayor, city councilors or School Committee members. All of these elected officials serve two-year terms, except for School Committee ward representatives, who serve four-year terms.

Video: Charter Drafting Committee, Meeting of November 9, 2011

Video: Special Act Charter Drafting Committee, 10/26/11