Videos: Community Discussions on Zoning Changes; Concern for Conz Character

Here are two YouTube videos of recent community discussions of proposed zoning changes organized by Northampton’s Office of Planning and Development (see meeting flyer). Streets to be affected include Hawley Street, Conz Street, Damon Road, and areas of Florence (West Farms, Pine Street). Also proposed are new rules to facilitate the reuse of former educational and religious buildings. The discussions were held on 11/16/11 in City Hall and in JFK Middle School. They were recorded by Adam Cohen and Emily Odgers.

In the first video, some residents around Conz Street express concern that encouraging more business uses will endanger the street’s tradition of residential homes. Some of the homes are historic. Particular concern was expressed about noise, such as people playing loud music from their cars while using bank facilities late at night.

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These changes include extending the Central Business District down parts of Conz and Hawley Streets. The intent is to ease requirements for businesses. Another proposal is to create a new category of building called “Historic Institutions”. The intent is make it easier to adapt former religious and educational buildings to other uses. The Planning Board found Feiden’s proposals worthy of further development.

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