Fairgrounds Revises Stormwater Permit Application Ahead of November 8 Planning Board Hearing

The Phase 1 Redevelopment Plan for Three County Fairgrounds (see video of 10/13/10 update on plans) comes back before the Planning Board on November 8:

PLANNING BOARD will meet in Hearing Room 18, 210 Main Street on the following:

7:30 P.M. Continuation of Hearing for Site Plan Review at the Hampshire 3-County Fair for demolition and reconstruction of barns and associated site development:
Map ID 25-44, 25c-251, 254

In preparation, stormwater management proposals for the Fairgrounds have been revised based on feedback from Doug McDonald, an Environmental Planner in the Engineering Department of the Northampton Department of Public Works. The latest stormwater permit plans and drainage report were submitted on November 3:

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Videos: Three County Fairgrounds Goes Before Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board (10/30/10)
On the videos, Maria Tymoczko and her attorney Michael Pill express concern that redevelopment at Three County Fairgrounds will harm Tymoczko’s property, in particular that stormwater will be directed onto it. They also believe the Fairgrounds needs a special permit to proceed with Phase 1–since buildings will be entirely demolished and replaced with new ones–and not just a site plan review.

Gazette: “Neighbor sues over fairgrounds project” (10/26/10)