Breaking News: Conservation Commission Balks at Approving Kohl Condo Proposal at March 12 Hearing; Kohl Interested in Withdrawing Application

In a session that ran over two hours last night, Northampton’s Conservation Commission found itself unable to advance a proposal by Kohl Construction to build 23 condo units off North Street. Four members were eligible to vote on the proposal: Chair Kevin Lake, Susan Carbin, Paul Wetzel and Downey Meyer.

Lake and Carbin expressed that they were fundamentally willing to approve the proposal, although Lake still had concerns about the number of units. Wetzel and Meyer, however, said they were inclined to reject the proposal. Wetzel in particular was concerned about units 1-10 below (image from the February 26 hearing), that the ground was relatively low in that area and the water table high. He was also concerned that the underground stormwater mitigation equipment there might interact hydrologically with the wetland/buffer zone system.

Meyer was unable to find that the proposal, taken as a whole, would improve the buffer zone around the wetland. He believes this is what Northampton’s Wetlands Ordinance requires from this proposal, which would involve disturbance closer than 50 feet from the wetland. The high intensity of development throughout the wetland buffer zone was a factor in his thinking–there was not much open space left available to make improvements. Meyer expressed particular concern about unit 21, which is especially close to the wetland.

Conservation Commission rules require that a majority of members eligible to vote approve a proposal before it can advance. As it became clear that Kohl’s proposal would only receive 50% approval, Kohl asked the Commission if he could withdraw his proposal before a vote took place. The Commissioners were unsure if this could be allowed at this stage. They said they would seek the advice of the City Solicitor. The hearing was continued until March 26.

We will provide a video of the hearing within a few days.

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